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After Business Hikers & Travellers.

Besides the cultural highlights, Austria is famous for its mountains, green lanscape and cristal clear lakes and rivers. However, it can be an considerable effort to get to see them. We want to help you out with problems of logistics and time-consuming preparations. We know the beautiful places and we know how to get there!


A day with us looks like this: We pick you up at your hotel in or around Linz or also at a trainstation. You can choose one of our tours and also decide if you want to do just the hike or combine it with a walk through the cultural highlight of your tour.

Easy Day Hikes

Those hikes are perfect to combine with another activity, e.g. a swim in the beautiful Attersee or a walkaround in one of the nice little towns of Salzkammergut region.


Hallstatt is famous for its long history of salt extraction. More than 400 years ago the worlds first pipeline was built here to take the brine from Hallstatt to Ebensee. What could be a better way to approach Hallstatt than by this historic connection? We hike along the pipeline where still today the brine is transported to the salt processing area at Ebensee. Learn about the history of Hallstatt on the way and enjoy your free time in the afternoon for exploring the city or even visiting the salt mine.


You want to climb a mountain and enjoy the view on the alps from the top? This tour starts already from 1500 meters above sea levels which makes it possible for us to do a tour with alpine character within one day and even have time to walk through the picturesque city center of Bad Ischl – the famous summer residence during the monarchy.


Say hello to summer in Austria! From the turquoise lake Attersee we hike through a little canyon up to the spacious alpe called Eisenau - just in front of the Schafberg mountain. Here we find several huts that serve traditional food and drinks. You can try popular sweets like „Topfenstrudel“ and „Kaiserschmarrn“ or go for the traditional snack called „Brettljause“. After this strenghening we head back on a different trail with gorgeous views to the lake Mondsee. Back at our starting point we will do what days like this are made for: take a bath and enjoy!


The Schafberg Mountain is one oft he best viewpoints in upper Austria. From the top you can see seven lakes of the famous Salzkammergut region. From St. Wolfgang we climb the mountain with the more than 120 year old cogwheel railway up the mountain! Just taking this steam-driven steepest railway of Austria is already an experience. After we enjoyed the view from the top we hike downhill and cross Schafberg alp where we enjoy a drink and typical austrian food before we hike on downhill back to St. Wolfgang. Our walk takes us about two hours and is also possible with no mountain experience. The picturesque old town of St. Wolfgang at Lake Wolfgangsee is appealing for a bath, walk around or coffee at the lakeside before going back.

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If you want to perfect your trip to Austria with a marmot tour please contact us by mail or phone and we will arrange a date for your tour. You can chose within our range of tours, if you have a special wish, we will of course try to consider it. We will send you an e-mail with all necessary information and if you agree just send us a confirmation.

For After-business-Hikers & Travelers we work on a day basis of 196 Euro/ day for up to 4 persons. If you are a group of more than four, 

The Tours in our Traveller category are possible to do with standard sportive Equipment: good shoes with a good profile are obligatory since we are walking in uneven terrain. A jacket that protects you from rain is recommended as well as enough water for the whole day (1.5 Liters) as well as snacks.

Ambitious Day Hikes.

Our day hikes focus on the mountain experience and take you into nature the full day. We spend more time hiking and enjoying - besides woods, alps and views also traditional food and the alp.


Like for the „Schafberg EASY“ we take the old cogwheel railway up the Schafberg mountain. After we enjoyed the view from the top we hike downhill a sophisticated trail and cross three small alpine lakes, where also a swim is possible. We enjoy the view down from a little peak „Vormauerstein“ in front of Lake St. Wolfgang before we hike on downhill back to St. Wolfgang. For this hike you should be in good shape and be aware of the alpine character of this tour. Since the pure walking time is alredy about 4 hours this is a full day experience.


You already have seen the famous points of Salzkammergut region and want to see a place where no other tourists go to and where cheese and butter are still produced at the alp? Then we talk you into the reagion of Pyhrn-Priel where we hike up to a traditional alp and try cheese and ham after we climbed a peak to enjoy the view around. The walk is easy and doable also without moutain experience, however a little condition is necessary, since we are walking about 4-5 hrs..

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